27th August 2005

TENHI MAAÄET release date 2005-11-28

The mastering of the new Tenhi album Maaäet has now been finished and the release date is set to 2005-11-28 by Prophecy productions. We will now continue working with the covers and booklet art.
The final track listing is:

varpuspäivä-sparrow day
kuulut kesiin-july’s wreath
viimeiseen-through bloom blades
vähäinen violetissa-lithe in lilac
maa syttyy-orphan joy
uuvu oravan luu-ease squirrel bone
rannalta haettu-from the shore

7 Responses to “TENHI MAAÄET release date 2005-11-28”

  1. Sounds good, hopefully you’ll put more samples to the site, since the release-date is quite far away.

    Any news about the demo re-release?

  2. uuvu oravan luu-ease squirrel bone

    Hell yeah!

    I should be on Christmas break to enjoy this cd even more.

  3. We will put some stuff online soon rigth after we have finished the cover and booklet artwork within two weeks.

    After that we start working on the re-release of tenhi’s demo which should be out the same time with the MAAÄET.

  4. Damn can’t wait…

  5. Great news!

  6. I’m looking forward to the new album, I’ve been a fan for a few years now. Nice website by the way! later, necro

  7. Salve :)

    Why we must wait so long , im very very and one more time very curious of Yours new album :) I’m counting hours to the day of release :)

    With best wishes from Poland :)

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