25th July 2005

Tenhi album update and interview


The master tape for our new album will be finished 22.8. The release date is set till November so it should arrive together with the first snow flakes.

Also new interview online:

8 Responses to “Tenhi album update and interview”

  1. Kiitos!
    YESSSSSSSSSSS! It sounds great! Can´t await the snow…:O)
    Nevertheless, have a nice summer up there and we hope to see you next year!
    greetinx from to hot Germany

    …in perpetuity wood…

  2. nice interview…just to mention cause it was from a chilean …there is a quite amazing band there called UARAl (www.uaral.cl) …check it…they´re worth of it…

  3. “the vocals will be a bit more on top than our previous albums.”

    That sounds interesting.

    November is good *marks calander* I am still hoping I can buy my copy directly from UTU :)

  4. Dear people up there!,
    Good to read your announcement for the release of your new album. Thanks to my dear son I’ve had the pleasure to get to know your music which I can only describe as amazing. It gave me countless hours of joy and wonder!
    Thanks for your great music and for sharing it with us!!

    Wishing you all the best, and hoping for a live-concert sometime in the Netherlands…


  5. I love associating a dark album with a darker season. Combine that with snow and you get a way powerful combination. The sample sounds incredible guys!! can’t fukkin wait for this.. the anticipation has been so high.

  6. it would be a dream come true to see you live someday. a possible trip to whatever country to make that possible IS very conceivable.

  7. Cool – can’t wait! In fact, i was hoping it would be ready now :)

    hailing from england

  8. I’m very excited about the upcoming album! Now I’ll have some new Tenhi to play over and over :) Take care guys, keep up the brilliant work.

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