14th June 2005

Updated tracklist and sample from upcoming TENHI III maaäet

puutaThe new TENHI full-length, entitled ‘TENHI III maaäet’, will be released this autumn by Prophecy productions. Check out a sample from a still unfinished song called ‘varpuspäivä’ from the unreleased music page for mid-summer eve’s magic. More samples coming up soon.

updated tentative track listing for TENHI III maaäet:

  1. kuoppa
  2. varpuspäivä
  3. salain
  4. vähäinen violetissa
  5. sarastuskävijä
  6. aatos
  7. kausien ranta
  8. uuvu oravan luu
  9. tuulenkaato
  10. viimeiseen
  11. maa syttyy
  12. rannalta haettu

13 Responses to “Updated tracklist and sample from upcoming TENHI III maaäet”

  1. This is a fantastic sample. If the rest of the album is this good I am sure it will be one of my favorites of the year. What does maaäet mean in English?

  2. What does maaäet mean in English?

    ‘mother earth’, more or less.

  3. Fantastic sample. I can’t wait for the album.

  4. the things are always simple with tenhi : only expect the best. this extract sounds great guys, congrats !

  5. Very good sample, all your songs are a bewitchement. It sounds very good, i’m wainting the full album !
    Good continuation, best wishes.

  6. Tenhi are one of the best musicians of the world. Try Kauan, try Väre, try whatever which has been made by Tyko and his company. It is pure genius. I am very looking forward to hear new album…

  7. A new wonderful piece of Art.
    Thanks to make us dream about Finland.

  8. Tenhi is such a unique band that holds such an important place in my musical life. This new sample is marvelous… your saga’s are a pillar in my music collection’s foundation. Thank you.

    I wrote about you guys on our newly formed music blog. I am not a journalist… just a fan writing about his interests.

  9. Might even be better than Väre ! Great , great sample . The wait for this new album redefines the word eagerness.

  10. Guitar sounded just the same as in some Grails´ songs. Do you like Grails?

  11. The sample song was very nice… captured that relaxed mysterious journey I can always expect from Tenhi =)

  12. Guitar sounded just the same as in some Grails´ songs. Do you like Grails?

    First I hear of them… sounded interesting, though.

  13. I live into my dreamworld by listening to Tenhi’s songs and this is a good way for thinking to my soul..
    I’m flying away with tenhi’s musics. Tenhi is the GOD!

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