15th June 2011



It is Done.

Both music and covers are the most ambitious work from us ever. Now we are completely satisfied with it.

More news concerning the release date coming.

Cheers and thanks for support to all our fans!

52 Responses to “SAIVO”

  1. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 days ago i told that it was coming!!!!!!

  2. Listening to Kauan as I read this. Glad you feel so accomplished, thanks to everyone involved. I look forward to the release!

  3. I do not believe … waiting for the premiere!
    greetings to you!

  4. Awesome! :D

  5. Thank you very much for so great and expectative news! Now I’ll wait for a DATE!!!!

  6. Greetings from Iran
    I’m looking forward to listening to it. Thank you so much for the post.

  7. There was 3 guys originally in trailer, no?) Now one more guy with long hair came to picture:)

    Waiting for Saivo

  8. That’s great news! I can’t wait to listen to this!

  9. IN – CRE – DI – BLE !!
    Can’t wait to hear it


  10. Saw Prophecy Production post a facebook status of listening to the new Tenhi album a while ago and was wondering when you guys were going to announce it. I am looking forward to your new creation to say the least.

  11. Finally…:-)

  12. One of the greatest news of this year. Thanks guys, I’m sure it’s gonna kick ass.

  13. Evviva!!!!!! Finalmente!!!
    Non vedo l’ora di ascoltarlo, sarà meraviglioso come sempre… :D

  14. Esto tiene muy buena pinta.

  15. Thank you! Finally the very long wait is (almost) over. :)

  16. Great news for a big fan of you!!! :-)

    It has been long, long time ago since you hadn’t said anything… Great to know you are still there! :D
    According the teaser it was supposed to be out the Summer 2010, this is, one Summer before. But it is ok, you missed for only one year.. No problem xD

    @Lasse Guldhammer, you’re right. It is almost over eheh :P

    Waiting for SAIVO anxiously :)

  18. It’s such a grate news to see you’re alive! I just can’t wait for the new album. :)

  19. GREAT!!!!!

    Leticia (from Barcelona, Spain)

  20. YES! post some samples during the next days please!
    i’m so glad this day finaly came, i am really excited about this. i mean everyone has been waiting for so long!
    thanks for everything you do for your fans (=

  21. Kiitos !

    Tätä on odotettu.

  22. Guys, this made my day. I can’t wait for it!

  23. Perfect news, guys.
    It’s great.

  24. Dziękuję za to że dzięki waszej muzyce mam co kochać.
    Thank you for your fascinating music!

  25. Wow, it is a good news, i wait to hear SAIVO soon !!

  26. I CANT wait! you guys are amazing.

  27. Fantastic news. Now, do me a favor, and come to Romania

  28. Jumalauta, mahtavaa! Ja sitten pohjosempaanki keikalle joohan?

  29. awesome!! i have been wating for monts just to hear something from the new album!

  30. Mahtavuutta!
    Nyt pitää sitten ruveta ramppaamaan täällä päivittäin jotta kenties jossain vaiheessa jotain samplea ilmestyy. ;)

  31. Great! At Last, It’s Ready

  32. I look forward to hearing the album for you, I saw the site I was about 5 months in a row waiting for the CD, hugs from Brazil

  33. thanks for the post but would you tell us exactly when we can get our hands on Saivo? don’t tell us we’ll have to wait another ten months? Thanks.

  34. Awesome news, the album is going to be epic. Hope to see you live in Tampere or somewhere near it soon too!

  35. Your albums amaze me so much. Thank you for all your music has done for me already.
    I Cannot wait for this next album!

  36. I think it will be the best Album ever. I love your music!

  37. … I wait with bated breath!

  38. A big question is that will Saivo be double album
    and when it will release???

  39. I cant wait
    from Japan

  40. Congrats! I’m looking foward your news!

  41. Wonderful! Really looking forward to it…Thanks for your extraordinary music. Keep going.
    (from Czech Republic)

  42. Que gran noticia! Saludos desde Chile…

  43. Awesome. It is well worth the wait.

  44. quebec, canada is also waiting for it.;p
    looking foward to it.

  45. I hope it’ll be another super magnificant melancholic dark nordic peace of art .
    Cant wait any more
    From IRAN

  46. Hi!

    Could you, please, release Saivo soon. I need new music to accompany my autumn depression.

  47. My “repeat” button is really happy!It hasn’t been pressed many times since Maaaet’s release…Tenhi ftw!

  48. …so?

  49. Come on you guys,give us at least a release date for the new album !
    I can’t take it anymore !!!


  50. This made not only my day, but probably my whole year.
    Amazing news, really. Looking forward to it. :)

  51. I don’t mean to be rude in anyway but im really curious when the release date will be… the end of the year? a rough estimate would be great, we’re all waiting very patiently

  52. Hell, I just felt today first fumes of Winter but I can’t enjoy them truly without the new Tenhi album :(

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