10th May 2005

upcoming new TENHI album

puutaHi folks.

Today we are entering the UTUstudio for one week session for recording the album, still some vocals to do. After that we start mixing it and hope to get it released in early autumn.

Tenhi / Harmaa / UTUstudio

10 Responses to “upcoming new TENHI album”

  1. Good news!

  2. Yes! Can’t wait!

  3. So how did everything go?? :)

  4. do u want a sample?

  5. That would great!

  6. That would *be* great heheheh

  7. u won’t have it!

    no, actually we have to convert some files to mp3
    and then you can see how badly the sessions went…
    hopefully that’s quite soon.

  8. Do you guys go to UTU very often? Or is it pretty far away from where you actually live?

  9. Hello Ben,

    Yes, the Utustudio lair is some 200km up north from Helsinki where we live, usually we go there for week ends or so. We will put some stuff online later today and updates to TENHI pages.

  10. I really like the simplicity of the Tenhi website. It looks very good.

    Now only 5 hours until I get off work and I can download the sample.

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