16th March 2005

Mother Depth — ‘Miscarriages’ Released

miscarriages cover artMother DepthMiscarriages is now available in the UTUstudio store, get yours right away!

9 Responses to “Mother Depth — ‘Miscarriages’ Released”

  1. Great! Just placed my order and it’s only Thursday. Well I guess it’s Friday in Finland by now hehehe

    Thanks guys.

  2. Will this be available in any other places, than UTUstudio-site? Just wondering if I can pick this up from local (Helsinki) recordstore when buying other records.

  3. Hello,

    At the moment all UTUstudio releases are only available from us. In the future we might do some deals to get them into stores, but for now we want to sell them just ourselves without any other parties involved.

  4. I can fully understand that, since things never goes as planned, unless you do it by yourself. Have to make an order later then, kiitos.

  5. Recieved this thing yesterday. It sounds phenomenal! I wish this thing lasted another 40 minutes or so. I really can’t wait to hear the new full length now.

  6. Now that it’s late April whats going on with the new Tenhi album? I don’t think I have read a title for it yet? I hope it is coming out soon.

  7. Hi Ben.

    The new tenhi album will be released late summer/early autumn. Sorry for the delay, but UTUstudio related stuff has kept us busy and we haven’t been able to record the final session for it, more news concerning that album soon.
    stay untamed.

  8. Thanks for the update Tyko. I was getting worried :)

  9. Hello to all
    I just want to sey that Mother Depth is one hell good band,with very strong emotional efluence for me.I can’t wait to hear the new album..

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