1st March 2005

TENHI -demo kertomuksia


Because of the demand, we have now planned to release the old tenhi demo ´kertomuksia´ from 1997 this year. The concept is still open – it might be a special double cd -release with other old material plus our artwork from that period. The exact schedule is still open and we might do some kind of co-operation with Prophecy Productions with that release.

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  1. Really great news, can’t wait for it. By the way, do you guys own the rights for it or does Prophecy, since I’m just thinking about possible vinyl-release if someone would be interested to released it in such format…

  2. Damn, I just bought an original copy of the demo from Huuto.net a couple of months ago and paid way too much for it… Oh well, I guess I’m still lucky to have it! By the way, I’ve been searching for the Promo ’97 for a long time, even though I’m not even sure that you guys sold/distributed it properly. So would you please tell me how many copies of the demo and promo tapes exist? And whether it is possible to get the promo somewhere or not! Can’t wait for the release.

  3. hey, if it’s original it is in c-tape!
    no need to get the cd-version then…

    promo -97 was never distributed – maybe we will
    put it on that release as well.

    how much did you pay for your copy of “kertomuksia”?
    maybe i will buy it back!

  4. Yeah, it’s the c-tape alright… And I will buy the cd-version, too – especially if it includes the songs off Promo ’97! I bought Kertomuksia alongside with the Hallavedet single/mini-cd and paid 25€ for them (altogether). Don’t know if it’s THAT much, but anyway. And no – I ain’t gonna sell it to you, ‘cos I spent some three/four years looking for it! =D

  5. Great news. I have always wanted to hear this elusive demo! Hopefully the promo will be re-released someday so I can hear that as well.

    Keep up the good work

  6. This is really great news! I’ve always wanted to hear kertomuksia.

  7. Excellent news!! Awaiting in anticipation!!

  8. Hmm, I caught my copy of ‘Kertomuksia’ also from huuto.net. Though I bought mine for mere 4e, if my memory serves me right. Don’t have the ‘Hallavedet’ yet, but passively searching.

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