25th February 2005


I just listened Airut:Aamujen thru after a big while. Usually it takes some time after recording, mixing and etc to be able to listen
to the material – and Airut:Aamujen was no exception to this..

We have received comments from critics but not that much from our friends. It would be great to hear how you have
felt when listened to Airut:Aamujen.

Btw – “suruksi soi” song is close to the style the following harmaa album will be like. At least for now..

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  1. This is the third time I try to write something here, so…

    I really like the album, it took a lot of time to grow on me, but it did. Only 2 tracks on the album makes this album only “almost perfect”. Somethings reminded me about CMX and for me, that’s a bad thing (equals = I don’t like them at all). Maybe I’m the only one with this coming in mind, since like with my new album, Marras, one reviewer said it reminded too much about Tenhi. That seemed strange, but maybe I’m just too close to realise it. Maybe you were too, heh?

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the new album and I really hope you to release also some 7″ and other vinyls. Suruksi Soi was really promising.

  2. thanks for your words

    We are not big CMX fans either. I think they have
    some really nice songs, but in general I hate a.w yrjänä’s
    pseudo-intellectual mambojambo lyrics and singing..

    Is marras the name of the band or your latest album title?

  3. The name of the band is October Falls and the the name of the record is Marras. Contact me if you want the promo.

    So this seems that Harmaa was not influenced by CMX after all and that’s just great, lifts my hopes very high for the next release!

  4. Hey M.Lehto!!

    I found this page when searching for October Falls stuff… i ordered the newest cd through Corvus!! It is great music!! I adored the Tuoni lp!! So now if it’s possible, can you send me the promo??


  5. The promo was the newest cd, so it’s the same thing you already ordered from Corvus. Thanks for kind words anyway.

  6. M.Lehto, i just downloaded the mp3 sample from your website…it’s fascinating :)
    I’m going to order it asap

  7. hey M.Lehto,

    I ordered 2 copies of the ltd deluxe version of the October Falls album Marras at Corvus. I sended them the money, and now they don’t answer anymore and havent send anything yet… Do you know if Corvus had some problems with the mails or with the press from the cd?? please inform me…


  8. He was sick for some time… that’s why he couldn’t answer!

  9. Airut:Aamujen is a great album I realy enjoy it (took me some time until I realy do), I hear it quit often… My English is realy bad so I won’t try to describe how and why I like it but well, I do :P…
    Waiting for the next one, and the next Tenhi to, so thanks for it all!

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